Covid-19 Resources for Service Industry Employees in Seattle.


From Belltown, Seattle Nextdoor.

Hi y’all, if you’re someone that works in the service industry and has been out of a job much like myself, I want to compile some resources! I had little hope at first, after my hours getting dropped, and then i got completely laid off, with no family or friends to rely on, no government assistance, or employer assistance etc. Collectively we can help each other. And as always, remember to unionize and rent strike with your neighbors, even if you can pay your rent, there’s strength in numbers! 🙂

Covid-19 Landlord Letter

Covid-19 Employee Work From Home Letter:

Covid-19 Credit Card Assistance Letter:

Covid-19 Mortgage Assistance Letter:

Seattle Request Mutual Aid Support-
Request volunteers or other resources from community members through Mutual Aid Solidarity Network. Form to offer services below:

Community Support and Resources – Seattle area. Many of the resources are undocu-friendly!!:

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries: